Meet Glaucia and Patricia - Borogodo


When you have two close friends who share the love for traveling and their passion for designing and creating beautiful items, the result can only be something wonderful - that is how Borogodo was born.

The duo are both Brazilians, globe-trotters and lifestyle trend setters who have been influenced by the aesthetics found in different cultures around the world. They have kept their innate cultural style born from their upbringing in the peaceful mountain regions of Minas Gerais and colored-rich Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Both live in Washington D.C. Metro area where they have been calling it home for almost two decades. Here they have studied and worked with arts, fashion, early child education, and now entrepreneurs of homeware and fashion goods.

Glaucia and Patricia invite you to experience their same lifestyle through their design and creations. Be Borogodo.





Glaucia Fernandes

Patricia Luz Dos Andes